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Robin Of Sherwood - The Knights Of The Apocalypse


England during the reign of King John and a dark force is intent on conquest. Only the Hooded Man can stand against it.

The church lies impotent at the mercy of the Pope and the interdict against King John. With the people living in fear and a series of strange disappearances that threaten the very fabric of Noble society, Robin ‘i’ the Hood and his band of outlaws must race to rescue the past so that the future may be protected. A journey to Huntingdon and beyond Sherwood will see them battle their most dangerous enemy yet as Herne's son faces The Knights of the Apocalypse...

This is strictly limited edition of a novelisation of the original version of the script written by Richard 'Kip' Carpenter, that was adapted for the recent audio production by Barnaby Eaton-Jones and Spiteful Puppet Entertainment Ltd.

It will be produced in the same Puffin style as the original TV series novelisations.

This is 100% charitable. All proceeds will go to The Sherwood Forest Trust and The British Red Cross.

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