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A no holds barred diary of a decade of writing and performing original travelling comedy shows about Doctor Who , by The OFFSTAGE Theatre Group . It features photos, script extracts, unused ideas and sketches, and an exclusive comic strip from Doctor Who Magazine's Dicky Howett & Tim Quinn ; with a foreword by COLIN BAKER (The Sixth Doctor) and an afterword by TOBY HADOKE (' Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf' , etc).

The ups, the downs, the laughter, the tears, the fights, the arguments, the loves, the petrol consumption and the drunken revels - from the UK to the USA and back again.

Benevolent lunatics! They’ll do a play ANYWHERE! ” ( Tom Baker , 2005 )

Splendid idiots, those OFFSTAGE lot. All of them .” ( Nicholas Courtney , 2004 )

They’re bloody good! ” ( Paul McGann , 2006 )

It’s not my thing .” ( Steven Moffat , 2007 )

A5, Full Colour Inserts, 300+ Pages. Limited edition paperback. THIS IS A PRE-ORDER, to gauge whether we can cover costs. The book will not be be published until 2020.

Doctor Who (c) BBC, and respective parties. No infringement of copright intended. This is a not-for-profit book that will benefit charities.

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