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SHERLOCK HOMES - The Woman Who Wasn't


Sherlock Holmes - The Woman Who Wasn’t

January 1889… Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson have grown accustomed to the extraordinary, the inexplicable and the downright strange. Mysterious hounds, sinister cabals, ingenious murders and desperate criminals of all stripes.

But they are about to face a year unlike any other, as they tackle some of their most challenging cases to date and, in doing so, uncover the dark conspiracy at the heart of ‘The Woman Who Wasn’t’

Edited by Kenton Hall.

With stories from:

Paul Birch

Kara Dennison

Tim Gambrell

Kenton Hall

Penny Jones

John McCourt

H.E. Roulo

Elliot Thorpe

A5, Paperback, 300 Pages.


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