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The Goodies: Pods and Monsters


A brand-new and gloriously silly adventure for The Goodies , in a novella form (with a foreword by Robin Ince ). Written by Kenton Hall . Cover/Internal design by Daniel McGachey.


" These are dark times for the BBC.

Unceremoniously axed by the new Prime Minister, it has been forced from the airwaves at the very moment it is most needed.

For there is a mystery afoot that threatens the very fabric of the nation or, at least, of Tim’s waistcoat.

A missing sherbet heiress. A mysterious chalk outline. A bilingual rodent with a secret past.

Oh, and a brand new true crime podcast just waiting to take the country by storm.

That’s right.

The Goodies are on the air and on the case ."


In 2019, The Goodies reunited for a new and original adventure on audio called The Big Ben Theory .


Due to the success of this audio adventure, a whole series was commissioned; mapped out by Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie, and Tim Brooke-Taylor, with the help of Barnaby Eaton-Jones, Gareth Gwynn and John-Luke Roberts. Sadly, Tim passed away in early 2020, before the recordings could take place.


But now, with the approval of all involved, here's the second of those audio episodes, novelised.


25% of the royalties from each book sold will go to the Thames Valley Adventure Playground , the charity that Tim Brooke-Taylor was President of for over 25 years.


PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. We will be publishing this when we meet the requisite pre-order target, otherwise we will fully refund everyone.

Chinbeard Books makes no money from this book, it's just our privilege to be able to publish it.

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