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Richard Carpenter's ROBIN OF SHERWOOD
The Meeting Place - £8.99

The village of Papplewick has a new head family keen to exchange goodwill with the outlaws. Much is less than thrilled when Robin decides he should be the one to meet with the head villager’s eldest child each month, to swap tax money for food and information.

The last thing Much wants is to trudge across Sherwood in all weathers to talk to a girl.

A limited edition novelisation of the acclaimed audio adventure, both written by Jennifer Ash.

In partnership with Spiteful Puppet Entertainment Ltd and Richard Carpenter's Estate, Chinbeard Books is proud to be publishing these expanded novelisations of the original audio adventures based on the classic television series Robin of Sherwood. We'll also be publishing new stories exclusive to Chinbeard Books too.

Artwork/Cover Design: Anthony Lamb
Range Editor: Barnaby Eaton-Jones
Book Editor: Elliot Thorpe

Television series Robin of Sherwood © HTV/Goldcrest Films & Television 1983. Created by Richard Carpenter, with grateful thanks to his Estate.

LEMON - £8.99

Spencer's life was pretty insignificant and uncomplicated. This suited him fine.

 However, when a mix-up by the Post Office means he gets mistaken for someone else, then his life becomes somewhat more significant and a lot more complicated (we're talking murder, sex, violence, car chases, beautiful women, and an annoyed fat cat - both of the feline and big business variety).

Spencer’s week usually consisted of nothing more than dull, repetitive, time-wasting tedium. 

This week was going to be wildly different and Spencer wasn’t going to like it one little bit.

Barnaby Eaton-Jones's debut comedy/thriller garnered critical acclaim and five-star reviews online and in print, with most likening his style to a cross between Douglas Adams and Ben Elton. Such was the response to the lazy feline owned by one of the main characters, subsequent editions (and this third edition) have included a short story called Eric's Tale that's a little standalone adventure for him at the end of the book 

"...So there you have it. Barnaby Eaton-Jones is the new Douglas Adams, Eric the cat is my new hero and, when literary life gives you Lemon like this, you don’t need to make lemonade, you just need to read it and enjoy.

- Susan Omand, Albie Media

SINGLE WHITE WHO FAN - The Life & Times of Jackie Jenkins - £8.99

Doctor Who Magazine's flirty female diarist is back! If Bridget Jones was a Doctor Who fan, then The Life & Times of Jackie Jenkins would be the result.

Jackie is a girl who views the world through TARDIS shaped windows. She loves Doctor Who. She's sassy and holds down a busy PR job, but her real thoughts swim with string-vested sea monsters and silly ideas about who her antiquated Tom Baker doll really looks like (she's long plumped for Starsky and Hutch's Paul Michael Glaser, but recently spotted flashes of Michael Sheen).

To Jackie, colours come in 'Police Box Blue' or 'Time Warrior Green', a reference to the gorgeous shade of Pertwee's velvet jacket. She loves parties, vodka and belting out Bonnie Tyler numbers. She's never settled the question: Which is better, Inferno or Ambassadors of Death? Or why the only man she's ever fallen for seems to have all the dark-hearted qualities of The Doctor's own arch-enemy The Master.

Now the fan-girl with attitude returns to present the best of her popular, funny Doctor Who Magazine column, which began its three-year run in 1997. Relive the story with some brand new material. From pub nights out to TV nights in, incompetent friends to entangled relationships, follow Jackie and co. as they ponder life, love and The Doctor, and address pressing issues such as "If the Doctors were Spice Girls, which ones would they be?"

A full-cast audio version is available, with cameos by Doctor Who alumni, from
                                       JUST DINO - A Personal Recollection of Dean Martin - £13

“I sang some songs, acted here and there, but no way would I call myself exceptional. I just hope I did my best for my audiences.” - a  somewhat self-deprecating comment from Dean Martin on his own career. It was this laid-back approach to his work, however, that belied a dedicated and professional entertainer.

Bernard H Thorpe first got to know Dino in 1960 and what followed for the next thirty or so years was an unexpected working relationship between the two men. Bernard became instrumental in many of Dino’s album releases in the UK and a staunch promoter of the man’s career across the globe. This book is a respectful and unique look back at the career of a true, world-class entertainer and the story of how an unassuming family man from the British media industry became a life-long advocate and friend.

Featuring personal colour photos of their meetings, and letters of corrospondence (one of which pertaining to the then yet-to-be-written book), as well as a comprehensive list of recordings and radio/film/television appearances, this is an insightful look into the life of a reluctant but legendary celebrity who scaled the heights of Hollywood and worldwide fame. In his centenary year, we are delighted to bring you  Just Dino – A Personal Recollection of Dean Martin.