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As well as producing our own high-quality books, Chinbeard is also working with talented authors for charity.  these books are presented in 'most recent publication' order, so do keep scrolling down!

“Whatever route brought you to David Bowie, and whatever spells he has cast on you power the years, I think you’ll find much in this book that strikes a chord”  (Nicholas Pegg)

Everyone knows the story of David Bowie, the Brixton boy who by sheer force of will made himself into the biggest pop star in the world via glam rock, white boy soul and Berlin before signing off by turning even his own death into an artistic statement.

This is not his story.

Instead it’s the story of the lipstick traces he left behind: the impact his artistic endeavours made on our lives. How his music, his acting and his presence inspired people and let them think differently about themselves. 

Curated by Jon Arnold (The Black Archive) and James Gent (We Are Cult), Me and the Starman tells the stories from the fans and those who knew him, the story of the connections he made with his art. 

With a foreword from the author of The Complete David Bowie, Nicholas Pegg, and an afterword from MainMan president Tony Zanetta (with contributions from musicians such as Adamski, Kristian Hoffman, Malcolm Doherty and Jessica Lee Morgan, Glass Spider tour performer Victor Manoel, novelist Paul Magrs and Eisner Award winning writer and artist Nick Abadzis amongst many others), it traces the often invisible impact he made on lives that might otherwise have been very different. 

It’s a story that stretches from the Laughing Gnome to Lazarus, from the Beckenham Arts Lab to Blackstar and beyond. 

Me and the Starman is a deeply intimate and very personal collection of stories and essays paying tribute to how the man who fell to Earth grounded us all, and helped the weirdest among us feel a little less alone. It’s the story of when you give not only your hands but your hearts to an artist.

All profits from this book go toward supporting the work of Cancer Research UK


1977: Brian Eno and David Bowie apply random oblique strategy cards to the recording of Bowie's Low and Heroes LPs. From rock 'n' roll comes a new kind of art.

2017: playwright Elton Townend Jones and his Vortex of Wholigans apply the same strategy cards to every #DoctorWho TV story. From time 'n' space comes a new kind of magic.

Over 275 stories, over 275 bursts of fast fiction, 70 writers, 16 Doctors, and a whole new adventure across the history of everyone's favourite Time Lord.

And all in aid of #ChildrenInNeed

Art by Simon Brett.



A Time Lord for Change is a brand-new charity anthology that takes every single television Doctor Who story from 1963-2015 (from ‘An Unearthly Child’ to ‘The Husbands of River Song’) – covering all the Doctors, companions, adventures, and enemies – and responds to them re-imagines and re-interprets them as drabbles: stories, poems, letters, songs, vignettes and memoirs of exactly 100 words in length, no more, no less. And this book contains over 270 of them!

The book is £7.49. Each copy bought from Amazon USA, Amazon UK and Amazon EU will mean a £2 donation to mental health charity MIND.

MIND provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

A Time Lord for Change features a host of authors (a vortex of Wholigans, in fact) - over 100 professional and amateur contributors, including prominent names from Doctor Who itself: Colin Baker, Katy Manning, Andrew Cartmel, Robert Shearman, Jane Sherwin, and Terry Molloy. It was conceived and commissioned by Cliff Chapman, with project publisher/producer Barnaby Eaton-Jones (Robin of Sherwood: The Knights of the Apocalypse) and critically acclaimed playwright and theatre producer Elton Townend Jones (The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe), who edits the collection. It has a cover design by Steve Horry and internal illustrations by Gary Andrews.



"Doctor no more. Hero no less."

“Excellent … A labour of love … a crackling selection of short stories … the collection has a mythical feel that befits the character and there’s a lyrical poetic quality to the stories. Highly recommended… for a worthy cause … a worthwhile purchase”
Doctor Who Magazine

(Limited Edition and Special Limited Edition)

Edited by DECLAN MAY, with a foreword by STEVEN MOFFAT


However, the 'Seasons of War' books raised over £10,000 for their chosen charity:

Gertrude Harrington was something of a celebrity.  In her 100th year, and sadly diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, she became an amateur sleuth and began solving the unsolvable.  Her doctors suggested it was the tumour pressing on uncharted sections of her brain that was granting her these deductive powers.  New Scotland Yard were just happy to tick off twenty unsolved cases that had eluded a conclusion.  These twenty cases, contained in this anthology, may have made Sherlock Holmes think twice before setting out to solve them.  But then, Sherlock Holmes wasn't a multi-tasking woman.

The book is £9.99. Each copy bought through our Lulu store will mean a £3 donation to 'Invest in ME'

Invest is Me is a UK charity established in 2006 by parents of children with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and people with ME; aiming to change how ME is perceived and treated in the media and healthcare system and to develop a strategy of biomedical research in order to find bio-markers for diagnosis, and treatments or cures.  The charity is a founder member of the European ME Alliance and works in productive collaboration with other international patient organisations.

Tales of the Female Perspective was commissioned and created by Barnaby Eaton-Jones, in a homage to Roald Dahl's dark and twisted adult short stories. It was edited by Frances Gardiner, Nicholas Hollands and Barnaby Eaton-Jones, with contributions from professional writers Sam Stone, Annie McKie, Jarek AdamsMark Blayney, Raven Dane, Scott HandcockAlex Davis and Tricia Heighway; as well as a host of highly talented amateurs. The cover art is by Robert Hammond, with thanks to photographer Abigail Glover, MUAH artist Rebekah Deponeo, and models Elizabeth Maloney and Mike Thomas.

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